Environmental Policy


CP 105 Murray Saunders Longline- alternative system to heli logging.

The citizens of Revelstoke recognize that maintaining the natural environment is essential to maintaining the quality of life we enjoy now and wish to protect for future generations. With that goal in mind, the community’s forest company, RCFC, is committed to conducting its operations in a responsible manner, which respects the land, its flora, fauna and natural processes. Specifically we will:

  • Comply with, or exceed, all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Minimize adverse environmental impacts from our operations
  • Promote environmental awareness
  • Monitor our performance with respect to the environment, by periodically reviewing our practices procedures and objectives
  • Train our employees and contractors to incorporate good environmental practices in all aspects of our operations
  • Communicate our performance to our directors, employees, contractors, customers and the citizens of Revelstoke
  • Review our Environmental Management System on a regular basis to continually improve our performance

Geoff Battersby   Chairman, Board of Directors   January 4, 2011