• A cow moose in the Downie Valley wetland
  • The log sort yard and forestry museum outside of Revelstoke on Hwy 23
  • A summer day doing silviculture surveys up the Nissan Road, CP 200-3
  • The TFL is 120,000 ha in area, 59,000 ha is non forested, 61,000 ha is forested, and 22,220 ha is in the timber harvest land base. 38,780 ha is forested reserve.

Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation (RCFC) is, as the name implies, a community owned forest company. The City of Revelstoke owns RCFC and RCFC owns and operates a 120,000-hectare Tree Farm Licence (TFL 56) north of Revelstoke. RCFC does not have a sawmill but does market logs at the log sorting facility 3 km north of town.

This website offers information on our organization, history, management philosophy, financial details, forest plans, and log sales.

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